We create and decorate mobile commercial trailers

office_corona_foodWe design and execute commercial trailers for a variety of activities that you want to practice. 

All trailers produced by our company can be equipped by your preferences for the type of commercial activity requested. It is obvious that each of you will want to get a commercial trailer in good condition at the lowest possible price.

Exactly for this reason, we invite owners who already own an old trailer for a price estimate that regard the realization of all necessary works of reconditioning, renovation and equipping the caravan with equipment suitable to the business.

Types of commercial trailers made and available services

All services performed by our company will comply with the new EU regulation regarding selling various food and non-food product.


Thaivagn / Asiatisk

Langosvagn / Pizzavagn


Grillvagn / Kebabvagn

Charkvagn / Delikatessvagn


Munkvagn / Glassvagn

It is important that when choosing commercial trailer for your business to consider the number of people who will work, how many types of activities you intend to practice and how often you want the trailer to be moved from one location to another.